Course Curriculum & Objectives

The past decade in Africa has been marked by substantial investments in the physical infrastructure needed to provide diagnostic imaging. Unfortunately, these ‘brick and mortar plus equipment’ investments have not been accompanied by the resources required to train clinicians capable of utilizing these new facilities. African radiologists are needed not only to provide clinical care but also to serve as local policy advisors and regional leaders in academic medicine.

Today, through a collaboration funded byNIH, Dr. Potchen, the Zambian Ministry of Health and local Universities have developed a post graduate Radiology program with hybridized training offering limited US-based education to supplement primarily in-country (African) education. PRACTERRA will aggregate, expand, adapt, formalize, digitize, and package the training curriculum and associated evaluative plans and materials from the Zambian program to develop a web-based, modular Radiology curriculum that can be used to jumpstart new Radiology training programs in African countries within sufficient personnel and expertise to do this de novo while also assuring the sustainability of small existing programs.